what's it do?


Augmented intuition is an approach more than anything. We can expand our intuitive capabilities in many ways. To do this, we don't need to use tech - although tech used wisely and appropriately can be immensely useful to this end.

Whether we brainstorm with paper, have a meeting in the same room, discuss around the water-cooler, or simply send out emails, we are attempting all the time to expand the reach of our intuitive thinking.

By the by, other ways of describing such thinking include:

  • arational thinking - that sweet spot between rational and irrational

  • high-level domain expertise - when we as domain specialists know on what basis our mission-critical decisions are being taken, even if no one else understands exactly the "how" of our conclusions

  • thinking without thinking - ever driven safely and speedily from A to B, without needing to concentrate on where you're going?

Although we are solution agnostic, and it's quite possible that if together we both sat down and examined the current state of intuition and high-level domain expertise capture and validation in your organisation, we would find you could already begin to tweak existing procedures and dynamics, it's also true that we do have a technological solution.

This solution exists, and is available to all.

It's available so you can better upscale the impact of the improvements we propose, when we look to channel more efficiently your organisation's existing, innate intellectual property and ideas.

How, then, is it done?

First, we need to understand that it's not enough - in these augmented intuition dynamics we are describing - to capture better the ideas and intuition everyone has, every day of the week. We also must work out how to validate such intellectual property.

There's no point in learning how to share something much better if - at the same time - you have no idea whether what you are sharing is true.

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