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We're adults. These are new ideas. They're not always easy or comfortable to understand.

But they are good ideas and approaches. And they deserve to be aired and understood better, and applied and made appropriate for literally everyone.

So we really should get round some tables and chat through the implications for us all.

My name is Mil Williams, and I am founder of the company Better Biz Me Ltd. It's the company behind augmented intuition. It's the root technology which will find its near-term application in hundreds of thousands of sectors and industries.

You might even find it useful one day when sorting an argument about a pub quiz.

It's that significant!


Anyways. My email address is as follows:

If you want to contact me and speak on the phone, my number is:

  • +44 7930 159020

I have WhatsApp and Messenger - and, of course, can be contacted via SMS too.

Looking forward to finding out more? Don't be shy. Life's too short.

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