how's it do it?


They say you shouldn't start by explaining the tech. On the other hand, this is page 3. We haven't started with the tech at all.

But we are all well-educated people by now. We probably have - in all human history - the most educated, certainly the most self-taught, generations of all ages currently treading this rock.

So let's be adult and educated about this.

We are saying our tech can do the following:

  1. Capture our intuition, arational thinking, high-level domain expertise, and thinking without thinking much more efficiently than to date.

  2. This will be done using visualisation tools in an inclusive and efficient way: all the way from traditional text to the most sophisticated 21st century augmented-reality code.

  3. When we have captured these outputs and stored them humanely, from the inside-out (never intrusively outside-in), and with the active choice and perpetually continual consent of everyone using these technologies, we then need to use machines in constant human/machine dialogue and partnership.

  4. This is where the second half of the equation adds everything up: what we capture and share with others is then validated, so even if we are dealing with conclusions from specialists and experts in fields we know nothing about, we will be able to evaluate how much of what they say is actually true. Evaluate enough, to safely and comfortably take our own mission-critical decisions on the basis of other expert conclusions.

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