augmented intuition

What is augmented intuition?

It's a philosophy, a tool, a platform, and a means to expanding our intuitive abilities as human beings.

We drive this approach because:

  1. Throughout history change has happened through leaps of imagination, where human beings believed the impossible wasn't.

  2. Creative thinking can be hit and miss, however, so with our approach we want to deliver reliably unpredictable thinking.

  3. This will affect the future of humanity.

  4. This will save the day, whatever crisis next hits us.

  5. This will save our communities, our colleagues, friends and families, and our businesses.

  6. In this way, we not only protect our bottom lines, but ensure they can expand and build on our organisation's latent and always intrinsic intellectual property: the in-house ideas people are paid to have but which rarely get captured or validated.

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